Local Business Marketing: How You Can Dominate Google with Online Marketing Tips and Techniques

Today I want to demonstrate what every local business should be doing to market their business online and dominate the initial page of Google. But I will even demonstrate the utmost effective 2 mistakes that local businesses are making making use of their online marketing today. Ok, so let’s jump into the utmost effective 2 mistakes that many local businesses are making making use of their online marketing today.

Mistake #1: They do not think online marketing is important! Well let me inform you something Anytime I must find a small business within my area whether it is a coffee shop, a cafe, a tile store, a plumber or some sort of contractor It doesn’t matter! I do a search on Google to see every one of the local businesses within my area and most people do the same. And if you’re not on Google, then you’re missing out on a lot of free business and you’re probably giving it to your competition. Mistake #2: Most local business spends so much time and money trying to create their websites rank number 1 due to their desired keywords. And yeah that’s great if you certainly can do it but it’s not completely necessary. It’s so important, but you do not need to help keep going until you’re number 1 in Google.

As long as you are above five and in the Google Places listings then you’re doing just great and I’m about to exhibit you exactly what I mean. Alright guys, I’m planning to give you the biggest secret for local businesses to dominate the initial page of Google. Are you currently ready for this? What most people don’t realize is there are alternative methods of getting on the initial page of Google, apart from making use of your website and I’m about to exhibit you the utmost effective 5 ways to do this.

Method #1: Now this is a method that we’ve already mentioned but it’s the process of getting your website ranked in Google. It’s called website SEO. Let’s say you possess a plumbing business in Los Angeles. Every time someone types in plumber in Los Angeles’or plumbing in Los Angeles ‘, you’re always going to want your website ahead up on Google, right? Well you may get your website ranked and when you have your website ranked, people can go on your website, see your contact information and see what your company is all about. Now the mistake that we discussed earlier is that people carry on and going and going until they’re number 1 in Google. You don’t have to be number 1 in Google and as long as you are within the utmost effective 5 or above the Google Places listings, you’re doing just great and that’s why we will look at method number two.

Method #2: Google Places. Once you do a search normally, you’ll observe that Google Places has a whole set of businesses in your area. You want your company to appear in those listings. So all you have to to complete is go to Google. Complete a Google Places listing and list your business. Now when you have a website and a Google Places listing, you can potentially take up two spots in Google anytime someone does a search in your area. The only real trouble with Google places is that you’ll need a real address, when you own an online business or something different, you need to locate a real address as possible pay otherwise Google won’t accept your listing.

So as long as you have an address, you can always fill out a Google Listing spot. Method #3: Alright, method #3 ñ video SEO. This is the process of getting your video made, advertising your company and services and getting it ranked in Google for several key words. If you owned a coffee shop or restaurant and you get a video made advertising your restaurant or coffee shop then you may get it ranked in Google for several keywords Like: coffee Shop in Los Angeles or restaurant in Los Angeles.

And in this way when you have your website ranked, your Google Places and your video ranked, you are now taking up three spots on the initial page of Google. Now video ads and video SEO are services that we offer at Video SEO and we guarantee that we’ll allow you to get on the initial page of Google for your entire local keywords.

Now if you wish to give us a take to or contact us to observe how we can help, feel free. If you want us on Facebook or join our newsletter at our website, we’ll even give you a discount code to make use of on your first order. Now, video SEO is something that you certainly can do all on your own and we’ve written a complete detailed guide on our website explaining things you need to complete to really get your video ranked on Google and you can access it by clicking the web link below this video and when you have any questions ñ feel absolve to ask.

Method #4: This is the trickiest method and the method that most people don’t even realize they are able to do. Visit Google and do a look for businesses in your area. If you own a coffee house or a working store, enter running store in Los Angeles’or if you’re in Bolder, running store in Bolder and whatever and see what listings come up. Now have the listings and in the event that you see an orange Page or even a yelp sort of directory kind of sites. Produce a profile on those sites and try to have ranked on those sites as well. So visit Yellow Pages and act as number 1 in YellowPages, number 1 on Yelp or whatever directory site there is that comes on the first page of Google. In this way when someone does a search on Google for your website, they will see your website coming up, your Google Places coming up, your video coming up and chances are they will visit Yellow Pages or Yelp and chances are they will help you at the very top there also.

So that is four different ways that you could dominate the first page of Google right there. Method #5: Alright, Google Adwords. You can easily pay Google to place a look for your result for the desired keyword. So if you’re hoping to get ranked or seen for plumbing service in Los Angeles or running shop in Bolder, you can actually buy an offer and put it on Google for anytime someone searches those keywords. Yeah this can be a paid service but you merely pay when someone clicks on the ad and meaning you are only paying when someone actually sees your website or whatever your ad was linking to. Now they are five different ways that you will get on the first page of Google and really dominate the search results and it’s so effective that I encourage each local business to accomplish this.

Now i’d like to offer you a little example: If I’m buying a tile contractor or even a lawyer or even a certain shop in my area and I visit Google and enter Tile Contractor in my Area’and I see the effect number one: Bob’s Tile Contractor’but right below it I see Joe’s Tile Contractor’but I also observe that Joe’s Tile Contractor also features a video on the first page of Google and Google Places on the first page and an Adwords going and then I then visit a Yellow Pages listing below and I select that and I see Joe’s Tile Contractor’at the top.

You better bet your ass that I’m planning to call Joe’s Tile Contractor! I’m not planning to go call Bob! Yeah he has the main spot in Google but who provides a crap! When I see five different results on Google for Joe’s Tile Contractor, you better bet I’m going to appreciate he is a top quality tile contractor and really knows what he’s doing and here is the same for just about any business. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardwood contractor or you own a coffee house or a working store, or you’re a lawyer or you own a cafe or whatever and your regional business will always see a benefit of having five spots on Google. I really hope you found these tips useful and I would want to know any success stories which come from these tips.

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