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Spreading the term about your new business is now able to be done in a wide array of ways, but when you wish to get your organization featured in a nearby newspaper, or relevant trade publication, a media release continues to be a good way to get a journalist’s attention. Listed below are five steps to creating a highly effective press release, and increasing your odds of invaluable media coverage.

Step One – Have a Story. The fact you’re launching a brand new business may seem like huge news to you, but in general journalists will need something more specific to create about. It could be there’s something significant about the date you’re launching, maybe there’s a good story behind the inspiration for your organization, or maybe you have an entirely unique product? If you appear for it you’re sure to discover a hook to base your press release on.

Step Two – Grab Their Attention. A writer will decide very quickly whether there’s anything of interest in your press release so be sure you produce a high impact headline, and outline the full story in the first few sentences. In fact everything you wish to say in the press release should be said in the first paragraph; the second and third paragraphs should simply be properly used to add supplementary information.

Step Three – Keep it Factual. When you’re writing a media release you’re writing for journalists, not for your customers, so keep your writing factual and to the stage, avoiding overly colourful language and exaggerated description.

Your press release should answer the simple questions What? When? Where? Who? Why? and How?, and any claims that you make in your release should be backed up by facts. Once your press release is written, edit it ruthlessly to help keep it short and to the point. Try to help keep your release to fewer than 400 words if possible.

Step Four – Choose your Publications. Think carefully about the kind of publications that will provide coverage of your business. Will their readership be potential customers? Are you currently better off sending your press release to local magazines and newspapers if your organization is targeting local customers, or should you see publications that relate more right to your niche when you yourself have a national or even international market? Do your research and read articles which are featured in these publications. You may want to tailor the language of your press release to the kind of publication you are writing for.

Step Five – Be Contactable. Whenever you send out a media release, be sure you provide contact details that journalists will be able to use if they might require further information. Include cell phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses; when time reaches reasonably limited an instant call to clarify a detail is often easier than waiting for an email reply. If you return out a media release just before you have a two week holiday be sure you provide contact details for a well-informed colleague. If you incorporate a quote in your press release ensure the individual quoted can be available. This day, press releases are often used online in the same way as articles; to offer content for websites and to generate backlinks for SEO.

However, if you wish to produce a true press release that may provide details of your new business for a newspaper or magazine article, then these five simple steps should help you to make a release that grabs the attention of your chosen publication and offers you a better possibility of media coverage.

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