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Hello. My name’s Stefan Boyle. I’m the founder of PrintRepublic. We assist owners of small to mid-sized businesses who want to grow their business. Now, today I want to talk for your requirements about building your lists. That is one of the very vital pieces of marketing that so many businesses fail to do. If that you do not build a listing of prospects, how will you build a relationship using them? Now, there exists a well-known fact that lots of people need around seven hours of communication before they’re ready to buy. If that you do not know who your prospects are, how will you build that relationship? Now, when I say seven hours, it doesn’t indicate I’ve got to generally meet you for seven hours.

There are many different ways. That might be visiting your website. Maybe it’s reading your e-mails. Maybe it’s watching a video. Maybe it’s reading your marketing literature. Maybe it’s telemarketing. So any type of marketing, any type of communication, it typically needs around seven hours to accomplish that. Now, if you’re not building that list of people, you can’t build a relationship. You can’t prepare people to purchase from you. So, we look at various other ways of actually doing that, of making sure you’re capturing your data, you’re incentivising your prospects to offer their information over for your requirements so you can then put in place various components of marketing that are consistent. Exactly the same messages are going across every touch point of your organization, be it the manner in which you answer your phone, be it how your e-mails head out, be it across the tone of your website and the messages that come across on your own website. So, if you’re building your lists, you’re regularly communicating with those clients in a consistent way, you’re preparing people to purchase from you much more often. Many thanks for watching, my name’s Stefan Boyle from PrintRepublic.

Now, today I’ve got a concern for you. Do your web visitors actually know who you’re? Now, the main reason I ask that is people generally buy people. If you look at so many websites, marketing literature, and brochures about different companies, they’ve got some really generic, very dull information. That & About Us page on every website, we’ve been established for X quantity of years. Well great. But really what you’re likely to be emphasizing is the advantages, everything you really offer that customer, your prospects, how you can improve their lives or their business or whatever it’s you do.

Now, again rather just writing all that stuff about yourself, really concentrate on the benefits. Then I’m a great advocate of video since you can actually then communicate that across to your clients and actually build a relationship. They know who you are. You’ve got that chance to truly get your personality across. On a brochure, we only speak about the length of time we’ve held it’s place in business. It doesn’t really work like that. Now, the largest advocate with this in my own view is Richard Branson.

You appear at every product launch, every new business that launches all over the world, Richard Branson’s got his face there. Now the wonder of nowadays with social media is you can actually use video, use other ways to build your personality and build your brands and actually communicate with that and build relationships with people across many levels. Maybe it’s on Twitter. Maybe it’s on Facebook. There is a whole quantity of different websites. It’s great to accomplish that. But it really gets far from that boring About Us and how great your customer support is. Who’s going to state your customer support is bad? You’re not going to state that. When you consider the great things about your organization, communicate that with personality, you can start to build relationships with your web visitors and your prospects. If you want help implementing this in your organization, feel free to get hold of us at [email protected]

Thanks for watching. Bye-bye. Now, today I want to talk for your requirements about making certain your marketing is all singing off the exact same hymn sheet. What do I am talking about by that? Well basically, it’s making certain every touch point of your organization is consistent, be it your website, be it your sales letters, be it your brochures, be it your e- mails, even the manner in which you answer the phone. Even one really simple thing that people often get wrong is business cards. I’ve been to plenty of events where I’ve met individuals with really bad quality business cards. When they’ve provide them with if you ask me, they’ve actually apologised. Sorry, I was pretty quickly and didn’t get a chance to do these properly. I must buy them done again. Now if you give a bad quality business card that says nothing about your organization, once you leave from that meeting, people have got that to consider you by. If you’re not managing these scenarios properly and making certain you’re communicating the message you wish to get across, you’re wasting an opportunity.

So it’s important that every touch point of your organization is consistent, and you’ve got to be sure that you’re selling what you would like to market to customers who want to buy it. If you’re not managing both those scenarios, it won’t work. Your visitors won’t want to purchase, or you won’t be selling the products that really allow you to the money. If you wish to have any assist in implementing these ideas in your organization, email me now at [email protected]

Many thanks. Today I want to talk to you about showing the proof. What do I mean by that? Well, how do you tell your customers how good you are? Well, obviously the obvious thing is to tell them that yourself. Now that works. We all say those kinds of things. Yeah we’re great at our job and our business is great. How many companies say, We pride ourselves on customer service? Who would say any different to that? It’s obvious, isn’t it? But who really believes that stuff when there’s so many similar messages out there? Well, the most obvious way is people like to buy off people. If people hear from other satisfied customers how they’ve had a good experience with your business, it’s far more powerful than you as a business owner telling your customers, your prospects about yourself.

So, you need to manage that situation, and the best way of doing it is actually ask your satisfied customers to give you a good testimonial. Now, what is a good testimonial? Saying that X was a company great to deal with is okay, but it’s not fantastic. What you really want to try and do is get some really detailed account from your customers about how your product or your service benefited them, how it made their life easier, or how it improved their life , how you were great to deal with, how it had a major benefit to you in some way. Give that more detail and embellishment on actually what was good for them and how it improved them. People relate to that far more than just a Yeah, they were great, end of story.

So a great way of doing that, if you can, is either do a case study and do a good interview with somebody. Even better, if your customers are willing to let you do that, is to do a very quick video where you interview them and ask them questions. That way you can actually stimulate that conversation to go along the way you want it to. If you then record all that and you use it in your marketing materials, you can make your prospects far more familiar far quicker and far more comfortable that other people have had good experiences with your company and that will make them more likely to buy from you much quicker. Thanks for listening. My name’s Stefan Boyle. Thank you very much. Now, today I want to talk to you about how to target the right customers. Now, I talk to lots of business owners who say, Well, anyone can buy our products or services. This really apply to all sorts of people. Now, it’s very hard to target anyone or everyone. If you really understand who your customer is, you can build your marketing around focusing on that particular niche.

Really, that’s the important thing, and that niching down is really where you can understand more about your customer. The best way of really doing this, if you’re an established business, is to really look at your client base you’ve got at the moment. Where have you had the most success, any particular trends in there where certain types of businesses or certain types of people have been far more successful at buying from you than another? So, target more of those people. It’s quite simple. If you know who your niche is, who you’re really targeting, you can build your marketing around that, and then you can actually really go to where those people go, what websites they go to, what magazines they read or newspapers or trade journals. You can find out what database you can buy to really niche down into that sector and really build a client base around where your products or services get the most benefit to.

Now, the more you do that, the more success you’ll have. You can then build niches in other areas and build different areas of marketing around targeting other areas, but you need to know from day one very quickly who you really want to aim at. Once you’ve done that, everything needs to be built around that niche and make sure every touch point of your business is targeting that niche and you’re really thinking about the benefits that you can offer those particular customers. If you need help implementing these ideas in your business, email me at [email protected] . Many thanks.

Goodbye. Now, today I want to talk to you about how you could be wasting every penny you spend on advertising. Now, why is this? Well, it’s quite simple. I see so many businesses that spend money on advertising and what they’re trying to do is to do brand advertising. Brand advertising only really works if you’re a massive brand. Imagine like Marks and Spencer’s, Nike, UPS, McDonald’s, those large brands with huge budgets and they can afford to keep relentlessly bombarding their name in front of their customers. Now for small businesses, that’s just not feasible. Most people have not got that sort of money to spend or waste on their marketing. So, how do you do it better? Well, it’s quite simple.

You need to be thinking about what your benefits are, not your features and really target that down now to what you can offer your customer. It’s very important to set the right tone for the type of business you’re in. So for example, if you’re in professional services, you’re in law, an accountant, or financial advisor, your image needs to look professional and reflect that kind of professional service. If you are, say, in a different lot, maybe a kid’s playhouse, it needs to be more fun and wacky and wild and really appeal to a different level. Now, it’s pretty obvious, but so many people kind of get this wrong and still don’t focus on what their main benefits are.

Now what you also need to put together is some kind of irresistible offer, something that’ll really attract your prospects to come and use you. It makes it an absolute no-brainer to say, What is there to lose? This company’s giving me this deal that’s so good I’ll start trading with them. And once you find people start trading with you, there’s more chance you’ll build up a relationship. Now, when you first come up with your offer, you need to obviously promote it to your prospects and your current customers. I see so many people who do that once, try it, and it hasn’t quite worked.

You have to keep on doing it. You can use e-mail. You can use direct mail, advertising again around a specific call to action. Not giving people 10 or 20 choices, give them one thing you want them to do that will make them come and try your business out. Once you get them to try it, you’ve got a chance then to build that relationship with them. If you need help to implement these ideas in your business, e-mail me at [email protected] My name’s Stefan Boyle. Thank you for watching. Today I want to talk to you about consistency in your marketing. Now, it’s vital to actually get consistent messages across every part of your business, be it online, be it offline. That really again is about setting the right tone to your brand, to your image, to your logo, to your website and to your marketing literature. Now, you can go to different companies to do this. You can go to a web designer or a graphic designer or a printer, and different companies can do different parts of that. Now, what we offer at PrintRepublic is a service that if you want to make that a simple process, so one company’s doing the whole project and really understands it and delivers that image all the way through, we can do that.

We can design your brand, your logo, your website for you and design your marketing literature as well as print that literature for you. Then what we make sure you do is deliver those messages consistently in line with that brand as well. Now that is either via e-mail marketing linked in with direct marketing as well and obviously online and offline marketing, generally speaking.

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